Youth Health Access Project

Regent Park has the highest concentration of teenagers in Toronto according to 2006 census data. It also has the highest rate of family poverty and a high proportion of racialized and newcomer populations. Regent Park youth have significant health issues and barriers to health care.

RPCHC, in partnership with the Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative, created the Health Access Project (HAP) to explore the health needs in a changing Regent Park. HAP determined that a significant contribution could be made by focusing on youth and, in 2006, YHAP was created to investigate youth health and health access needs in Regent Park.

On June 15, 2009 the Youth Health Access Report (findings of a project conducted by Regent Park youth and YHAP members), was officially launched at an event hosted at the health centre. Findings from the report confirm the need for youth-specific services in Regent Park. According to the report, youth want service providers who are patient, listen and explain things thoroughly. Respect for young people in a non-judgmental fashion while understanding the complexity of the lives of youth, is also vital.

Lack of health services for youth in Regent Park is of concern to RPCHC. In keeping with its history of listening and responding to the community’s needs, a health clinic specifically for youth is currently underway at the Health Centre. Further details will be revealed as the project continues.  For a full copy of the Youth Health Access Report click on the link below.