Community Development Support

Working with the neighbourhood to strengthen social and economic growth and civic engagement, through community building facilitated through supporting residents’ capacity, to increase local leadership and have a voice as an invested stakeholder to influence decisions that impact the quality of life of parents’, their children's and the community at large; and, to develop and share a common vision toward social action for change. 

PFBB works on various initiatives, projects, strategies and events to promote community development in Regent Park.  Including developing a neighbourhood wide strategy, in association with Dad's Central, to "To promote both understanding of and concerted action toward responsible Father Involvement as a supportive and protective condition of healthy child development and resiliency." and to develop an Infant Health and Wellness strategy using new scientific sources as part of our niche in child development. 


38 Regent Street Upper Level, Toronto ON, CA M5A 3N7



Areas We Serve

Regent Park, Moss Park and Oak Street area


416-362-0805 ex 222