Child Development Clinic

For children under six with suspected developmental challenges, delays or disorders. Specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and follow up with pediatrician and team to support transition of families and to understand and cope with their child’s diagnosis.  For children up to six years of age.

Assessments are done by a developmental pediatrician. A referral by a family physician is required. Services include:

  • childcare and interpreters provided during the assessment; and
  • referrals to internal resources such as a social worker, external to local neighbourhood services,
  • short-term case management to ensure that follow up support is available.


Parents For Better Beginnings, 38 Regent Street, Upper Level, Toronto ON CA M5A 3N7


Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, by appointment.

Areas We Serve

South of Bloor, north of Lake Ontario, west of the Don River, east of Yonge Street


416-362-0805 x 228 or 222