Client Satisfaction Survey 2017

The client satisfaction survey provides a snapshot the level of satisfaction/dissatisfaction experienced by clients using our programs and services. The feedback we receive from the survey provides us information from the clients’ view point regarding what works and what does not work and their suggestions to improve the programs and services to serve our clients. This feedback is the measure against which we evaluate our progress and develop a plan of action to move forward. The Health Centre provides services to a diverse range of clients from different age groups, genders, languages, ethnicities, religious affiliations, and sexual orientation. Many of the clients may be marginalized and isolated because of their socio-economic status e.g. clients may be homeless or precariously housed, disabled, drug users or uninsured persons with no status, low-income. These individuals often face barriers while accessing services in many agencies further exacerbating their health conditions. The Health Centre provides services to these marginalized groups to help them improve their health and to ensure equitable health outcomes. The 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey assesses client’s access to information, communication with care providers, their participation in the activities of the agency and the overall impact of the programs.       

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