Hepatitis C program

The Hepatitis C program, a multidisciplinary partnership with South Riverdale CHC, Sherbourne Health Centre and Toronto East General Hospital, has been providing support, information, education and treatment to individuals with chronic Hepatitis C since December 2006.

While almost all new Hepatitis C infections in Canada are injection drug users (IDUs), it is estimated that only 10% of Hepatitis C positive IDUs receive treatment - despite the fact that many express interest. Barriers to treatment include poverty, discrimination, mental illness, violence and other barriers.

The program includes a weekly group to provide information, education, social support and preparation for the demanding treatment cycle. Treatment has a number of side effects that can be difficult to endure. Clients are assessed as ready for treatment when they have stable housing, financial support, emotional stability and minimal alcohol and substance use. This program also uses a peer model to empower individuals with Hepatitis C. As clients are preparing for treatment, they get a medical workup and are seen by a psychiatrist and infectious disease specialist.

In 2008, the work of the Hepatitis C program was presented at the International Harm Reduction conference in Barcelona, the Association of Ontario Health Centres conference in Ottawa and at the International Conference on Urban Health in Vancouver.


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If you are interested in receiving treatment for Hepatitis C, or would like more information about the program, please feel free to contact us. We accept referrals from individuals living with Hepatitis C, health care providers and other community agencies.