Mission, Vision and Values


Regent Park Community Health Centre (RPCHC) is a community-based organization which aims to improve the health of individuals and our community as a whole, with a focus on health equity and social justice.


We strive for individual and community success. Everyone. Every possibility. Together.

Philosophy & Values


We believe that responsive, culturally sensitive health care services should be accessible to all. We understand that access can be limited by financial, physical, cultural and other systemic barriers. Through a blend of advocacy, partnerships, referrals and our own direct services, we are committed to improving accessibility for everyone in our diverse and changing community.

Community Ownership/Responsiveness

We believe that the most effective way to improve health is to have programs designed and run by the community affected. We are continually working towards community participation and decision making in all aspects of the Centre’s activities.

Excellence & Innovation

We are committed to providing excellent programs and services. We strive for constant improvement and innovation to improve ourselves, our services, our agency and our community.

Community Succession

We believe that everyone in our community should have opportunities to reach their full potential. Our goal is that the children of today can become tomorrow’s leaders, professionals and workers serving our communities and beyond.


We are committed to working in ways that demonstrate and reflect the rights of individuals and communities to make decisions for themselves on matters that impact them.

Equity & Social Justice

We are committed to providing services, spaces and staff that are sensitive to diverse individuals and their cultures. We understand that access to services and health itself is determined by a wide range of social factors including income, employment, discrimination, education, social status, housing, access to services, environment, social supports and other factors. Therefore to achieve better and more equitable health outcomes, we seek greater equity in social conditions for individuals and communities. We approach this challenge from a social justice framework: we strive to understand, name and confront the systems of discrimination and power that result in unequal distribution of resources, power and privilege. In our quest for healthy and inclusive communities, we strive to reduce divisions and enhance cohesion between people from diverse backgrounds.